Wood Debarking Machine, also known as a Log Peeling Machine, is an essential tool for the wood processing industry. Offering various types to suit your specific requirements, our debarker ensures efficient bark removal from logs.

Benefiting from user-friendly operation, our machine helps save on consumption while achieving high peeling rates and more. Interested in pricing? Contact us today, and our dedicated manager will promptly address your inquiries.

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¿Qué es una máquina descortezadora de madera?

A wood debarking machine is used in the forestry and wood processing industries. Its primary role is to remove the bark from logs and wood before further processing.

The machine utilizes blades to efficiently peel off the outer bark layer, leaving behind clean and smooth wood surfaces.

Log debarker for sale

We offer our wood debarkers in two models: horizontal and vertical. The vertical model is ideal for smaller production outputs, while the horizontal model is designed for larger production capacities. Whatever your needs may be, we have the right machine for you.

Our wood debarkers are engineered to enhance production efficiency and product quality, making your wood processing operations more efficient and seamless. Whether you’re involved in small-scale production or large-scale processing, we have a machine to meet your production requirements.

If you’re interested in purchasing our wood debarker, feel free to reach out to us. Our sales team will provide you with detailed product information and assist you in selecting the machine that best suits your needs.

final product of wood peeler
final product of wood peeler

Aplicación de la máquina descortezadora de madera

Wood debarking machines are commonly employed in sawmills, plywood plants, and other wood processing facilities to prepare the raw materials for various woodworking applications, such as veneer production, lumber processing, and biomass utilization.

By simplifying the debarking process, this machine improves the overall efficiency and quality of wood processing operations.

How does the log peeling machine work?

The operation of a trough-type wood debarking machine involves the use of a rotating peeling roller within the trough. As the wood section is fed into the machine, it undergoes cyclic movement within the trough.

Simultaneously, the wood section rotates around its own axis and experiences irregular beating. This combination of movements results in continuous friction and collision between the wood section and the roller, as well as between different sections of wood.

These interactions cause the bark to separate rapidly from the wood, achieving the desired peeling effect. By leveraging the mechanical action of friction and collision, the machine efficiently removes bark from the wood, leaving behind smooth and debarked timber ready for further processing.

This method ensures a high peeling rate and contributes to the overall efficiency of wood processing operations.

Wood Debarking Machine for business
Wood Debarking Machine for business

Parámetros técnicos de la máquina peladora de troncos

Diámetro máximo260 mm300 mm
Cantidad de cuchillos4 piezas4 piezas
Fuerza7,5 kw11kw
Peso1200 kilos1500 kilos
parámetro descortezador de madera

Características de la máquina descortezadora de madera

Our wood debarker machine allows continuous feeding from one end and smooth discharge from the other, enabling assembly line operations that enhance productivity compared to traditional drum peeling machines.

Los dientes de esta máquina ejercen una fuerte fuerza de pelado sobre la madera, facilitando la circulación eficiente en la ranura y la rotación alrededor de su eje. Como resultado, cuenta con una alta tasa de pelado de más de 95%, lo que lo hace especialmente adecuado para especies de árboles difíciles de pelar como el eucalipto y el álamo.

Wood Debarking Machine for sale
Wood Debarking Machine for sale

Además, el descortezador de madera muestra una notable adaptabilidad a diferentes secciones de madera, acomodándose a diversas especies de árboles, diámetros (50-300 mm), longitudes y formas.

Con una estructura simple, bajo consumo de energía y tasas de falla reducidas, esta máquina descortezadora de madera ofrece un rendimiento confiable.

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wood peeling machine
wood peeling machine

In addition to wood debarking machines, we also offer other machinery for processing wood. Feel free to inquire about our products. Our sales manager will be glad to assist you and provide the necessary information.