Our wood debarking machine, namely log peeling machine, can be used in wood processing industries. This log peeler debarker has different types for your needs. With the simple operation, you can save consumption, get high peeling rate, and more. Need price? Contact us now. Our professional manager will answer you quickly.

What Is a Wood Debarking Machine?

A wood debarking machine is used in the forestry and wood processing industries. Its primary role is to remove the bark from logs and wood before further processing. The machine utilizes various mechanisms, such as rotary rollers or blades, to efficiently peel off the outer bark layer, leaving behind clean and smooth wood surfaces.

Application of Wood Debarking Machine

Wood debarking machines are commonly employed in sawmills, plywood plants, and other wood processing facilities to prepare the raw materials for various woodworking applications, such as veneer production, lumber processing, and biomass utilization. By simplifying the debarking process, this machine improves the overall efficiency and quality of wood processing operations.

Technical Parameters of Log Peeling Machine

Max diameter260mm300mm
Knife quantity4 pcs4 pcs
wood debarker parameter

Features of Wood Debarker Machine

Our wood debarker machine allows continuous feeding from one end and smooth discharge from the other, enabling assembly line operations that enhance productivity compared to the traditional drum peeling machines.

This machine’s teeth exert a strong peeling force on the wood, facilitating efficient circulation in the groove and rotation around its axis. As a result, it boasts a high peeling rate of over 95%, making it particularly suitable for difficult-to-peel tree species like eucalyptus and poplar.

Moreover, the wood debarker exhibits remarkable adaptability to different wood sections, accommodating various tree species, diameters (50-300mm), lengths, and shapes.

With a simple structure, low energy consumption, and reduced failure rates, this wood debarking machine delivers reliable performance.

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