Good news! Our Coal Ball Press Machine was sent to Malawi!

Customer Background:

Malawi is a vibrant African nation where much of the population relies on charcoal as the primary cooking fuel. However, traditional charcoal production methods have had a severe impact on the environment, exacerbating deforestation issues.

Coal Ball Press Machine for sale
Coal Ball Press Machine for sale

A coal company in Malawi recognized this problem and urgently sought an environmentally friendly alternative. They turned to us for assistance.

Customer Needs:

The company sought a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional charcoal production methods that could increase efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Recognizing the potential of the Coal Ball Press Machine, they requested a comprehensive solution from us to support their sustainability goals.


exported Coal Ball Press Machine
exported Coal Ball Press Machine

Through in-depth communication and understanding of the customer’s needs, we provided the Malawian coal company with our state-of-the-art Coal Ball Press Machine.

This machine, designed with advanced technology, can compress various coal or charcoal powders into high-density, uniform balls, thereby improving combustion efficiency and energy utilization.

Additionally, we offered operational training and after-sales service to ensure the customer could fully leverage the machine’s performance and maintain long-term operational stability.

Outcomes and Benefits:

automatic BBQ Charcoal Making Machine
automatic BBQ Charcoal Making Machine

Since implementing our Coal Ball Press Machine, the Malawian coal company has achieved significant outcomes.

Firstly, their production efficiency has greatly increased, leading to substantial cost reductions. Secondly, due to the use of environmentally friendly clean energy, their production process has had a significantly reduced environmental impact, contributing to the preservation of local ecosystems.

Most importantly, this sustainable production method has earned the company recognition and support from consumers, establishing a positive corporate image.


As suppliers of the Coal Ball Press Machine, we are proud to have provided a solution for the Malawian coal company.

We remain committed to developing innovative technologies and providing efficient, environmentally friendly solutions to more customers, driving forward the global green energy revolution.