Our rice husk drying machine, or a rotary dryer, can be used to remove moisture in charcoal production line. It can dry various raw material. And there have many customers who bought our machine. We take pride in providing our customers with competitive prices and reliable customer service. Feel free to call or email us to discuss your specific requirements.

Rice Husk Drying Machine Description

The rice husk drying machine, also known as a rotary dryer, is a specialized equipment designed to efficiently remove moisture from rice husks. It can dry not only rice husks but also a wide range of other wet raw materials, such as wet sawdust, wet wood shavings, and wet bamboo.This essential machine is widely used in the agricultural and biomass industries.

Benefits of This Rice Husk Rotary Dryer

The rice husk drying machine offers numerous advantages, making it a popular choice for drying rice husks:

High Drying Efficiency: The rotary dryer utilizes a rotating drum and hot air circulation to achieve rapid and uniform drying of rice husks, ensuring high drying efficiency and reduced processing time.

Improved Biomass Utilization: By drying rice husks, this machine transforms the agricultural by-product into a valuable biomass fuel or feedstock, reducing waste and maximizing resource utilization.

Enhanced Fuel Properties: The drying process improves the calorific value and combustion performance of rice husks, making them an excellent alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Cost-Effective Solution: Investing in the rice husk drying machine leads to cost savings, as it reduces the moisture content of rice husks, increasing their energy value and reducing transportation costs.

Parameter of Rice Husk Drying Machine

ModelCapacityPowerRotary Diameter
SL-RD800400-600kg/h4kw0.8m diameter,length 8m
SL-RD1000800-1000kg/h5.5+5.5kw1m diameter ,length 10m
SL-RD12001000-1200kg/h7.5+7.5kw1.2m diameter ,length 12m
SL-RD15001500-2000kg/h15+15kw1.5m diameter, length 12m

Structure of Rice Husk Drying Machine

Drum: The rotary drum provides a large drying surface area, ensuring efficient heat transfer and optimal drying results.

Lifting Flights: Inside the drum, lifting flights promote material movement, facilitating uniform drying and preventing material accumulation.

Discharge System: The machine is equipped with a discharge system to ensure easy and efficient removal of dried rice husks.

Cases of This Rotary Dryer for Sale

Many success stories highlight the effectiveness of the rice husk drying machine. In various biomass and agricultural industries, this rotary dryer has been instrumental in producing high-quality dried rice husks for further utilization. Many satisfied customers have found that investing in this rotary dryer has significantly improved their productivity, reduced waste, and enhanced the value of rice husks as a valuable resource.