This wood sawdust briquettes production line, also known as the pini kay processing plant, is used to convert sawdust and other raw materials into biomass fuel known as pini kay heat logs. This production line includes wood crusher, sawdust dryer, and biomass briquette machines. You can efficiently produce high-quality pini kay briquettes that are eco-friendly and widely used for heating and cooking purposes. Contact us for the promotional price.

Application of Wood Sawdust Briquettes Production Line

The application of the wood sawdust briquettes production line is vital in the production of high-quality biomass fuel known as pini kay heat logs. This industrial production line efficiently processes sawdust or rice husks by extruding them at high temperatures and pressures.

Pini kay heat logs produced through this process have numerous applications across various industries and sectors. They serve as an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional fuels like coal and charcoal. These briquettes are widely used for heating, cooking, and power generation purposes. Residential households, commercial establishments, and industrial facilities can benefit from the clean and efficient energy source provided by pini kay processing plant.

Raw Material for Producing Wood Sawdust Briquettes

In addition to the commonly used raw materials like logs, hardwoods, and branches such as pine and oak, there is a wide range of other materials that can be utilized in wood sawdust briquettes production line. Agricultural residues from farmland are among the abundant sources that contribute to the versatility of the briquette production process.

You can also use crop stalks such as cotton stalks, sorghum stalks, rice stalks, and corn stalks, as well as corn cobs and rice husks. Additionally, waste materials from peanut, palm, and other crops, such as peanut husks and palm husks, can also be processed into high-quality briquettes.

Wood Sawdust Briquettes Production Line Machine

The main machines involved in this wood sawdust production line are the wood crusher, sawdust dryer, biomass briquette machine, etc.

sawdust briquettes production line
sawdust briquettes production line

Wood Crusher

The wood crusher in this line is responsible for crushing the raw materials, such as logs, hardwoods, branches, and various farmland straws, into smaller particles. This process makes it easier to handle and process the sawdust for further steps in the briquette production, ensuring efficient and smooth production of high-quality briquettes.

Furthermore, the wood shredder is equipped with interchangeable screens of varying hole diameters, enabling the processing of sawdust with different fineness levels. Typically, the sawdust used for producing pini kay briquettes has a fineness of approximately 5mm.

wood crusher machine
wood crusher machine

Sawdust Dryer

The sawdust dryer in the wood sawdust briquettes production line is responsible for reducing the moisture content of the sawdust to an optimal level, ensuring efficient and smooth briquette production.

In the wood sawdust briquettes production line, a drum dryer machine is commonly used for drying various powders and granular materials. This helps to regulate the sawdust moisture content to below 12%, ensuring the quality of the final briquettes.

drum dryer machine
drum dryer machine

Biomass Briquette Machine

In the wood sawdust briquettes production line or pini kay processing plant. It efficiently compresses the sawdust or rice husks at high temperatures and pressures, transforming them into biomass fuel known as pini kay heat logs, which are eco-friendly and widely used for heating and cooking purposes.

sawdust briquette machine
sawdust briquette machine

Advantages of Sawdust Briquettes Production Line

The wood sawdust briquettes production line offers numerous advantages for businesses and the environment. It enables efficient utilization of sawdust and other biomass materials, reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices. Additionally, these briquettes have higher energy density and lower moisture content, making them ideal for heating and cooking applications. Overall, the sawdust briquettes production line provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for biomass fuel production.

Whether you are starting a new pini kay processing plant or expanding your existing production line, we are here to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information and explore the possibilities of enhancing your biomass briquette production. We have promotional prices, first come first served.