The Wood Shavings Machine, an indispensable tool in modern woodworking and agricultural processing, efficiently cuts and processes wood to produce uniform and fine wood shavings, providing high-quality raw materials for various industries.

This machine not only plays a crucial role in the realm of animal bedding but has also achieved significant success in industrial manufacturing, packaging, and energy production due to its versatility, efficiency, and adjustability.

The Wood Shavings Machine stands as the ultimate choice for enhancing production efficiency, reducing costs, and achieving sustainable wood utilization. If you seeking a specific price quote, we invite you to contact us directly.

wood shaver working process

Raw Material Used in Wood Shavings Machine

Discover the versatility of wood shavings machines as they turn various raw materials into high-quality shavings. While it’s commonly known that these machines can produce shavings from logs and branches, did you know that solid wood boards can also be used as raw materials?

By utilizing peeled wood, the resulting shavings are not only cleaner but also more refined, making them a premium choice for your specific needs.

Whether you require shavings for animal bedding, packaging, or other applications, our wood shaving machine can efficiently process a wide range of materials, providing you with excellent results every time.

raw materials of log shaver machine
raw materials of log shaver machine

Working Principle of Wood Shaving Machine

The wood material is introduced through the feeding port, making its way into the crushing chamber post-blade cutting. Within this chamber, the wood shavings undergo cutting by the blades and are subsequently crushed by the impact of the rapidly rotating hammer.

Ultimately, propelled by the wind generated by the integrated fan blades, the wood shavings exit through the discharge port via the screen. The dimensions and thickness of the resulting wood shavings are modifiable by altering the length of the blades.

wood shavings
log shavings

Supporting machines for wood shaver

Our Wood Shaver and Wood Debarker form a seamlessly coordinated powerhouse, delivering a comprehensive and efficient solution for wood processing.

The Wood Debarker excels in efficiently stripping away the bark, ensuring a clean surface for subsequent processing. Simultaneously, the Wood Shaver employs precise cutting mechanisms to rapidly transform the debarked wood into uniform and fine wood shavings, achieving highly efficient wood processing.

The collaborative operation of the Wood Shaver and Wood Debarker not only boosts wood processing efficiency but also reduces waste, bringing higher overall efficiency to your production line.

Their flexible applicability, whether handling softwood, hardwood, or other specialty woods, caters to diverse production needs, unlocking greater possibilities for your business.

Small Wood Shaving Machine for Sale

Our small wood shaving machine has been sold in most countries. For example,

  1. Asia: India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.
  2. North America: Canada and the United States.
  3. Oceania: Australia.
  4. Africa: Congo, Nigeria, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia.
  5. Europe: Russia.

Our portable wood shaving machines are available with both electric and diesel options, offering flexibility to suit different production conditions and requirements.

Whether you need a stationary machine for industrial use or a mobile device ideal for agriculture and forestry applications, we have the perfect solution for you.

Additionally, we provide conveyors for smooth feeding and discharging, ensuring efficient and seamless operation.

wood shavings machine in stock
wood shavings machine in stock

Key Advantages of Wood Shavings Machine

  1. Efficient Raw Material Utilization: Wood shavings machines optimize the utilization of raw wood materials, minimizing waste and contributing to sustainable forestry practices. This efficiency enhances resource utilization and reduces environmental impact.
  2. Versatility in Applications: The produced wood shavings are versatile and find applications in various industries, including animal bedding, packaging, fuel, and manufacturing processes such as particleboard production. This versatility makes wood shavings machines valuable across diverse sectors.
  3. Consistent and Precise Output: Utilizing advanced cutting mechanisms, wood shavings machines deliver consistent and precisely sized shavings. This uniformity in output ensures high-quality shavings suitable for different purposes, from animal bedding to industrial manufacturing.
  4. Cost-Effective Operation: Wood shavings machines are designed for cost-effective operation. They streamline the wood processing workflow, reduce manual labor, and increase production efficiency, contributing to overall cost savings for businesses.
  5. Environmental Sustainability: By converting wood into shavings efficiently, these machines support environmental sustainability. The use of wood shavings as a byproduct contributes to eco-friendly practices by reducing the demand for new raw materials and promoting responsible resource management.
portable wood shaving machine
portable wood shaving machine with a good price

Portable Wood Shaving Machine Specification

wood shavings machine specification

Wood Shaving Machine for Animal Bedding

As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we understand the importance of providing animals with a clean and cozy environment. Our wood shavings machine is designed to efficiently and precisely convert logs, branches, and solid wood boards into high-quality shavings suitable for animal bedding.

Whether you are catering to livestock, poultry, or pets, our wood shaving machine ensures a consistent and soft bedding material that promotes animal well-being and health.

shavings for animal bedding
applications of wood shavings

How Much Is the Wood Shaving Machine Price?

At our company, we are committed to providing Wood Shaving Machines to make wood shavings and competitive prices while maintaining high-end product quality and excellent service. Prices can also be influenced by transportation methods, machine specifications, and spare parts availability.

If you seeking a specific price quote, we invite you to contact us directly. Our team will be delighted to assist you and provide the latest price list for wood shavings machines. Whether you are looking for a machine for small-scale use or a larger commercial operation, we offer a range of options to suit your needs and budget.

wood shaving machine
exported wood shaving machine

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Whether you’re in Asia, North America, Oceania, Africa, or Europe, we are here to meet your specific wood shaving needs with our exceptional machines and outstanding customer service.

Feel free to contact our professional team for a quote and recommendations on machine models!

wood shaver for business
wood shaver for business