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What Are the Raw Materials in Wood Crusher Machine?

The raw materials in a wood crusher machine typically include various types of wood, such as logs, branches, timber scraps, and wood pallets. Additionally, the machine can also process other biomass materials like bamboo, straw, agricultural residues, and even some types of non-wood materials.

Application of Wood Crusher Machine


The wood crusher machine is versatile and essential equipment in the forestry and woodworking industries. It is designed to efficiently process various types of wood and biomass materials, providing multiple applications and benefits.

  1. Wood Processing: The primary application of the wood crusher machine is in wood processing operations. These processed materials can be further used in various downstream processes like wood pellet production, wood-based panel manufacturing, and biofuel production.
  2. Biomass Fuel Production: By shredding and pulverizing biomass materials, the final products can be used as feedstock for biomass boilers, power plants, and other biomass energy systems. The produced biomass fuel, such as wood chips or sawdust, provides a renewable and sustainable energy source.
  3. Animal Bedding: Wood shredder machines are commonly used in the animal bedding industry. The machine can process wood and straw materials into fine particles, making them suitable as bedding material for livestock, poultry, and other animals.
  4. Composting and Mulching: It is also utilized in composting and mulching operations. It can be used as compost or mulch in gardening, landscaping, and agricultural applications.

Working Principle

The wood crusher machine operates based on a straightforward working principle. It typically consists of a feeding hopper, a crushing chamber with rotating blades or hammers, and a discharge chute. Here is a simplified explanation of the working principle:

The raw materials are fed into the machine’s feeding hopper. Inside the machine’s crushing chamber, the rotating blades or hammers exert force on the raw materials, effectively breaking them down into smaller particles or chips. The crushing action can be achieved through mechanisms like shearing, cutting, or impact.

wood crusher machine
wood crusher machine

Shuliy Wood Shredder Machine for Sale

ModelCapacityElectric PowerFeeding size
SL-420300-400 kg/h11kw10cm
SL-500500-600kg/h18.5 kw15cm
SL-600800-1000kg/h30 kw17cm
SL-7001200-1500kg/h37 kw20cm
SL-9002000-2500kg/h55 kw22cm
SL-12003500-4000kg/h90 kw28-30cm
wood shredder machine specification

Structure of Wood Crusher Machine for Sale

The wood crusher machine for sale features a robust and well-designed structure that enables efficient and reliable wood processing. It consists of several key components.

Feeding Hopper: Located at the top of the machine, the feeding hopper is where the raw materials, such as wood logs or branches, are loaded into the machine for processing.

Conveyor Belt: It is used to transport the raw materials from the feeding hopper to the crushing chamber. The conveyor belt ensures a continuous and regulated feeding process, enhancing the overall efficiency of the machine.

Crushing Chamber: It consists of a robust housing or frame that houses the cutting mechanism. Inside the chamber, there are rotating blades or hammers that effectively break down the wood into smaller particles or chips.

Cutting Mechanism: It typically includes sharp blades or hammers that rotate at high speed, delivering strong impact or cutting force to the wood. The specific design and configuration of the cutting mechanism may vary depending on the machine model and intended application.

Discharge Chute: After the wood materials are crushed, they are discharged through the machine’s discharge chute. The discharge chute provides an exit point for the processed wood particles or chips, allowing them to be collected or further processed as needed.

Motor and Control System: The electric wood shredder machine is powered by an electric motor that drives the cutting mechanism. It is equipped with a control system that allows operators to adjust the speed, feeding rate, and other parameters to optimize the crushing process.

Support Structure and Frame: It is designed to withstand the vibrations and forces generated during the wood crushing process.

Advantages of Electric Wood Shredder Machine

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Competitive Wood Crusher Machine Price

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True Cases of Wood Crusher Machine Worldwide

When it comes to processing high-quality wood chips, relying solely on a hammer mill is not sufficient. Recognizing this challenge, many wood processing plants worldwide have turned to our wood crusher machines, coupled with automatic conveying equipment and dust removal systems, to optimize their operations.

At our factory, we understand that each customer’s needs are unique. That’s why we have developed a range of sawdust processing plants, designed to cater to various production requirements. Whether you need a system capable of handling 500kg/h or up to 5t/h, we can design a specific production plan that fits your worksite and budget seamlessly. Contact us for a price in your free time.