The BBQ Charcoal Making Machine is a professional equipment designed to convert biomass raw materials such as wood chips, sawdust, and crop straws into high-quality BBQ charcoal.

The coal ball press machine is efficient and environmentally friendly, transforming waste biomass resources into valuable energy products to meet the market demand for BBQ charcoal. Moreover, it helps reduce the consumption of forest resources and environmental pollution.

BBQ Charcoal Making Machine working video

What Are Raw Materials for Barbecue Charcoal?

When it comes to making barbecue charcoal using a BBQ charcoal making machine, the choice of raw materials has various types, such as charcoal powder. You can choose different materials to produce final products.

charcoal powder
charcoal powder

Wood: This category includes various fruit trees like apple wood and lychee wood, which are known for their pleasant aroma and slow-burning properties, making them ideal for producing high-quality barbecue charcoal.

Bamboo: Various types of bamboo can also be utilized in barbecue charcoal production. Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource, making it a sustainable option for eco-friendly charcoal production.

bbq charcoal
bbq charcoal

Nut Shells: Coconut shells, palm shells, and coffee shells are excellent choices for barbecue charcoal production. They have high carbon content and low ash content, resulting in a clean and long-lasting burning experience.

Other Biomass: Additional biomass materials like rice husks, corncobs, cornstalks, and bean stalks can also be used to create barbecue charcoal. These materials are abundant and offer a cost-effective solution for charcoal production.

BBQ Charcoal Making Machine Introduction

The BBQ charcoal making machine for sale, also known as the charcoal ball press machine, is professional equipment. It utilizes a mechanical pressure process to compress biomass materials into compact charcoal briquettes.

With the growing demand for eco-friendly and clean energy sources, the BBQ charcoal making machine holds promising investment prospects. Contact us for price and details.

How Is BBQ Charcoal Made?

BBQ charcoal is made through a systematic process that involves several essential steps. The utilization of modern equipment like the BBQ charcoal making machine, also known as the coal ball press machine, has an efficient production process.

Coal Ball Pressing Machine
Coal Ball Pressing Machine

1. Raw Material Preparation:

The first step is to collect suitable raw materials for BBQ charcoal production.

2. Crushing and Mixing:

After drying, the raw materials are crushed into smaller particles to increase their surface area and enhance the efficiency of carbonization.

3. Carbonization Process:

final products of BBQ Charcoal Making Machine

The mixed biomass is transferred to the carbonization furnace, where it undergoes high-temperature carbonization.

4. Briquetting:

Once the carbonization process is complete, the charcoal is formed into uniform briquettes using the coal ball press machine.

5. Packaging and Distribution:

The final step involves packaging the BBQ charcoal into bags or boxes for distribution.

BBQ Charcoal Making Machine Structure

1. Feeding Mechanism:

Ensures even material distribution with a screw feeding device powered by an electromagnetic speed-regulating motor.

2. Transmission System:

Utilizes a motor, triangle belt, reducer, open gear, and roller for synchronized operation.

BBQ Charcoal Making Machine
BBQ Charcoal Making Machine

3. Forming Unit:

The core component is the roller, designed to protect pressure rollers from damage by allowing hard objects to pass through in case of overload.

Coal Ball Press Machine Technical Data

ModelCapacityPowerRoll widthRoll diameter
parameters of Coal Ball Press Machine

Application of Barbecue Charcoal

The high-quality charcoal produced using the BBQ charcoal making machine or the barbecue charcoal press machine provides a steady and long-lasting source of heat, making it ideal for cooking delicious and flavorful grilled dishes.、

Barbecue charcoal is also widely used for campfires and bonfires during camping trips and outdoor gatherings. The consistent heat and steady burning of charcoal briquettes make it convenient for providing warmth and creating a cozy ambiance.

Additionally, the low ash content of barbecue charcoal reduces the mess and makes cleaning up easier after the campfire or bonfire is over.

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charcoal ball press machine for sale
charcoal ball press machine for sale

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Investing in our BBQ Charcoal Making Machine not only guarantees high-quality BBQ charcoal production but also contributes to environmental sustainability by effectively utilizing biomass resources.

Join us in the journey towards eco-friendly and profitable charcoal production. Contact us now for more information and to get a quote!

Coal Ball Press Machine
Coal Ball Press Machine