This horizontal charcoal furnace is a versatile tool for producing valuable biochar and processing various charcoal.

Explore the application of our log charcoal furnace, grasp the working principle, understand the carbonization process, and uncover the key parameters and intricate structure of this innovative technology.

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Application of Horizontal Charcoal Furnace

The application of the horizontal charcoal furnace, also known as the log charcoal furnace or horizontal charcoal making machine, is highly versatile and beneficial. This carbonization equipment is designed to efficiently convert various biomass materials, such as wood chips, sawdust, and agricultural waste, into high-quality charcoal or biochar through a controlled carbonization process.

raw materials of log horizontal carbonization furnace
raw materials of log horizontal carbonization furnace

The horizontal charcoal furnace finds extensive use in industries such as agriculture, forestry, and environmental protection. It is particularly suited for processing large quantities of raw materials, making it ideal for commercial charcoal production.

To meet your requirements, we also provide other types of carbonization furnaces, including continuous carbonization furnacesvertical airflow carbonization furnaces, etc.

wood charcoal machine for sale
wood charcoal machine for sale

Working Principle of Horizontal Charcoal Making Machine

The working principle of the horizontal charcoal making machine, also referred to as the horizontal charcoal furnace or log charcoal furnace, involves a systematic process.

This equipment utilizes a horizontal design to ensure uniform heat distribution and optimal airflow throughout the carbonization process.

horizontal charcoal furnace
horizontal charcoal furnace

In the initial phase, biomass materials are loaded into the horizontal charcoal furnace. As the furnace is ignited, heat is generated within the chamber, initiating the carbonization process. The temperature is generally controlled at about 600 ℃.

The horizontal layout enables the even heating of the biomass materials, ensuring consistent and thorough conversion into charcoal. The evolved gases and volatile components are released during this phase.

horizontal charcoal making machine
horizontal charcoal making machine

Throughout the carbonization process, controlled airflow is maintained within the horizontal furnace. This ensures the efficient removal of moisture, volatile substances, and other impurities from the biomass materials.

As a result, the materials undergo a gradual transformation, gradually turning into high-quality charcoal.

The horizontal charcoal making machine’s principle leverages the advantages of its unique design, allowing for efficient carbonization and the production of superior charcoal products.

Carbonization Process in Log Charcoal Furnace

The carbonization process in a log charcoal furnace involves several key steps for efficient and controlled charcoal production. Initially, the log sections and branches are carefully arranged within an iron frame, which is then smoothly pushed into the carbonization furnace’s cavity using a conveyor track.

Alternatively, materials like coconut husks and broken branches, can be directly loaded into the furnace barrel of the horizontal charcoal furnace.

Once the raw materials are in place, the cover of the airflow horizontal charcoal furnace is sealed shut, with any gaps near the cover being sealed with mud or insulation cotton. Following this, the fuel in the ignition port at the furnace’s bottom is ignited using a gasification furnace.

As the fuel burns, the temperature within the carbonization furnace is closely monitored. When the furnace thermometer indicates a temperature of around 400°C, the gasification furnace is turned off, allowing for the cyclic combustion of the combustible gas produced within the carbonization furnace.

This carefully orchestrated process ensures the effective transformation of raw materials into high-quality charcoal.

Parameter of Horizontal Charcoal Furnace

SL-HC1300  900-1200kg/12-14h2500kg3*1.7*2.2m
SL-HC1500 1500-2000kg/12-14h4000kg4.5*1.9*2.3m
SL-HC1900  2500-3000kg/12-14h5500kg5*2.3*2.5m
Technical parameters of wood charcoal machine
commercial bamboo charcoal machine
commercial bamboo charcoal machine

Structure of Horizontal Charcoal Furnace

Enhanced Thermal Insulation

The bamboo charcoal furnace’s lid and body are equipped with highly efficient thermal insulation rock surfaces. This advanced feature ensures an exceptional level of both sealing and thermal insulation throughout the carbonization furnace.

The overall construction is designed to maintain optimal temperatures and maximize energy efficiency.

Efficient Flue Gas Circulation

A defining attribute of the horizontal log charcoal furnaces is the integration of a network of pipes.

These pipes establish connections between the upper and lower sections of the furnace, primarily facilitating the circulation of combustible gas within the cylinder. This innovative design underscores the furnace’s energy-saving capabilities.

Additionally, other pipes play a crucial role in filtering the flue gas, further enhancing the environmental performance of the system.

Convenient Trolley System

Given the substantial capacity and high output of the log carbonization furnace, the inclusion of trolley systems becomes essential. These trolleys are thoughtfully provided to customers to streamline the transportation of both finished products and raw materials.

This user-friendly addition serves to enhance the overall operational convenience and efficiency of the horizontal charcoal furnace.

horizontal carbonization furnace with good price
horizontal carbonization furnace with good price

Features of Horizontal Charcoal Making Machine

  • The furnace body is designed as three layers, and the furnace door is equipped with flame-retardant and heat-insulating cotton, which has good air tightness, heat preservation, and energy saving, and saves fuel;
  • Equipped with a flue gas recovery device to save fuel;
  • Good flue gas purification device realizes smoke-free emissions;
  • Kiln car design, labor-saving and easy to operate;
  • Large loading capacity, one-time carbonization;
  • A variety of heating methods, available wood, coal, and natural gas;
  • Equipped with a water cooling system, the cooling speed is fast and the efficiency is high.
horizontal carbonization equipment
horizontal carbonization equipment

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In conclusion, the Horizontal Charcoal Furnace represents a cutting-edge solution for sustainable charcoal production. Its innovative design and advanced technology ensure efficient operation and high-quality charcoal output.

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wood charcoal machine for business
wood charcoal machine for business