The sawdust briquette making machine is an environmentally friendly and efficient fuel production device designed to convert sawdust and wood waste into high-quality wood briquettes. These wood briquettes serve as an ideal alternative to traditional fuels for heating, cooking, and other purposes.

By compressing sawdust into uniform and dense fuel pellets, the sawdust briquette making machine efficiently utilizes wood waste, reducing emissions and contributing positively to environmental protection.

Sawdust Briquette Making Machine working video

Raw Materials for Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

The sawdust briquette making machine offers a versatile and sustainable solution for converting various biomass materials into valuable briquettes. Whether utilizing sawdust, wood chips, agricultural residues, or biomass waste, the machine plays a crucial role in harnessing the power of biomass for fuel production.

A wide range of agricultural residues can be employed in the sawdust briquette making machine. Examples include rice husks, straws, corn stalks, coconut shells, and peanut shells. Biomass waste includes sawmilling residues, forestry trimmings, bamboo scraps, and bagasse, among others.

Introduction to Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

With the increasing global focus on environmental sustainability, there is a growing demand for renewable and clean fuel alternatives. The sawdust briquette making machine addresses this need by efficiently utilizing sawdust, a readily available biomass waste, to produce briquettes that serve as a sustainable fuel source.

sawdust briquette making machine
sawdust briquette making machine

Biomass Briquette Machine Structure

The structure of the biomass briquette machine mainly consists of several key components. These include:

  1. Motor: The motor provides the power needed to drive the briquette machine, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
  2. Control Cabinet & Control Panel: The control cabinet and control panel are essential for regulating and controlling the operation of the briquette machine. They allow users to adjust parameters such as temperature, pressure, and feeding speed according to specific production requirements.
  3. Feed Port: The feed port is where the raw materials, such as sawdust or wood waste, are fed into the machine. It ensures a steady and controlled input of materials for the briquetting process.
  4. Forming Cylinder: The forming cylinder is the core component of the briquette machine. It compresses the raw materials under high pressure to form dense and uniform briquettes.
  5. Heating System: The heating system helps to raise the temperature inside the forming cylinder, facilitating the binding of the raw materials and ensuring the quality of the briquettes produced.
automatic Sawdust Briquette Making Machine
automatic Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

By combining these components, the biomass briquette machine efficiently transforms sawdust and wood waste into high-quality briquettes, providing an eco-friendly and sustainable fuel source for various applications.

Working Principle of Biomass Briquette Machine

The working principle of the sawdust briquette machine is simple yet highly effective.

Firstly, the raw materials used in the machine need to be finely crushed, with a particle size of less than 6mm, and have a moisture content between 8% and 12%. Materials that are too large or too wet are not easy to form, which can increase wear on the machine and affect the quality of the finished product. Crushed and dried materials can be used without the need for any binder.

Next, the heating ring switch is turned on to heat the temperature inside the forming cylinder to 280-300°C. Then, the motor is started, and the raw materials are fed into the hopper. Under the squeezing action of the screw propeller and the high-temperature action of the heating ring, the materials are extruded from the mold.

This simple and efficient process allows for the production of high-density, uniform wood briquettes.

Advantages of Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

effective Sawdust Briquette Making Machine
effective Sawdust Briquette Making Machine
  • Efficiency and Precision: It utilizes advanced technology to compress and bind sawdust into dense and uniform briquettes. With its high production capacity and automated operation, you can produce a large number of briquettes in a short time, optimizing your fuel production process.
  • Versatile Application: It offers versatility in fuel applications. The resulting briquettes can be used as a clean and sustainable fuel source for heating, cooking, and various industrial purposes. Whether you are a small-scale business or a large commercial enterprise, our machine can cater to your specific fueling needs.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By utilizing sawdust, a readily available biomass waste, our machine promotes environmental sustainability. It effectively makes this waste material into valuable fuel briquettes, reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and reducing environmental pollution.
  • Reliable Performance and Support: At Shuliy, we pride ourselves on providing reliable performance and comprehensive customer support.
exported Sawdust Briquette Making Machine
exported Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

Worldwide Cases of Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

For this machine, we have successful implementation in various countries. From reducing waste to producing sustainable fuel, this innovative machine has made a significant difference in promoting environmental sustainability worldwide. And customers got great profits in this business.

We highlight a successful project in Guinea, where our company delivered a complete charcoal production line, featuring five sawdust biomass briquette machines. Recognizing the importance of a seamless installation process, our company sent an experienced engineer to Guinea to assist with the setup.

Sawdust Briquette Making Machine for sale
Sawdust Briquette Making Machine for sale

With the installation process completed, the customer in Guinea has now commenced the production of charcoal briquettes using the sawdust briquette making machines.

What About Sawdust Briquette Machine Prices?

When considering sawdust briquette machine prices, it is essential to evaluate the cost. Our competitive pricing ensures that businesses and individuals can invest in a high-quality sawdust briquette machine at a more affordable rate.

Sawdust Briquette Making Machine
Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

We understand that different customers have varying budget constraints. That’s why we offer flexibility in our pricing options and work closely with our customers to provide customized solutions that fit their specific needs and budgets.

FAQs about the wood briquette extruder machine

Sawdust Briquette
Sawdust Briquette

Is the length of the wooden stick adjustable?

Yes, the position of the baffle can be controlled, the length of the baffle is 10-15cm

Why can’t the raw materials be too wet?

The raw materials will stick to the spiral, cannot be squeezed out, cannot be shaped, and will cause greater wear and tear.

How long is the life of accessories?

Mold, one year
Helix, replace it in three months, repair it in two weeks, and heating coil in half a year.

What is the mode of power?

Only motor.

Why Choose Shuliy Biomass Briquette Machine?

Sawdust Briquette Making Machine with good price
Sawdust Briquette Making Machine with good price

The Shuliy biomass briquette machine stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for sustainable fuel production.

With its superior quality, a wide range of biomass materials, efficient operation, customization options, and comprehensive support, it is the ideal choice for businesses and individuals looking to harness the power of biomass. Contact us for price and details.

high quality Sawdust Briquette
high quality Sawdust Briquette