Our disc wood chipper can be used to process treat different wood materials. And we will tell you how to choose the model between disc wood chipper or drum wood chips making machine. In addition, you will get many benefits from our machine.

What Is Disc Wood Chipper?

Disc wood chippers are designed to handle a wide range of wood materials, including branches, logs, wood scraps, and other waste wood. They are particularly useful for processing wood waste from timber harvesting, tree pruning, and lumber production.

The resulting wood chips can be used for various purposes, such as mulching, composting, fuel, or as raw materials for the production of paper, particleboard, and biomass pellets.

Disc wood chips making machines are available in various sizes and capacities to suit different applications and production requirements. They are efficient, reliable, and can significantly reduce the volume of wood waste, making them an essential tool in the wood processing industry.

wood chips making machine
wood chips making machine

Disc Wood Chips Making Machine Structure

It consists of a rotating disc with sharp blades that cut and grind the wood materials fed into the machine. The disc wood chipper is widely used in various industries, including forestry, woodworking, paper making, and biomass power generation.

The wood materials are fed into the chipper through a hopper, and the rotating disc with blades rapidly cuts and grinds the wood into small chips or pieces. The size of the chips can be adjusted by changing the speed of the disc or adjusting the distance between the blades and the disc.

Technical Data of Electric Disc Wood Chipper

ModelPowerCapacityNumber of bladesInput sizeWeight
disc wood chipper specification

Commercial Wood Chipper for Sale

If you’re looking for a commercial wood chipper for sale, you’ll find different options available to meet your specific needs and requirements, including upper discharge, lower discharge.

Upper discharge:

The mobile-friendly design of wood chippers with upper discharge is well-suited for small work. The processed wood chips can be directly deposited into storage equipment, such as a car bucket, streamlining the collection process.

Lower discharge:

The wood chipping machine with lower discharge is typically larger and commonly used for continuous production in wood processing factories. This type of machine comes in both fixed and mobile versions.

disc wood chipper from Shuliy
disc wood chipper from Shuliy

Wood Chipper Disk Vs Drum Wood Chipper for Sale

the choice between a disk wood chipper and a drum wood chipper depends on the specific needs and requirements of the wood processing project.

Disk wood chippers are preferred for high-capacity and heavy-duty applications, while drum wood chippers are favored for their versatility and ability to handle different wood materials effectively.

  1. Disk Wood Chipper:
  • Design: Disk wood chippers have a horizontal rotating disk with blades attached to it. The wood is fed into the machine through a chute, and the rotating disk with blades chips the wood into smaller pieces.
  • Advantages: Disk wood chippers are known for their high chipping capacity and fast processing speed. They are suitable for handling larger branches and logs, making them ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Applications: Disk wood chippers are commonly used in large-scale wood processing plants, forestry operations, and biomass power plants where a significant amount of wood needs to be chipped quickly.
  1. Drum Wood Chipper:
  • Design: Drum wood chippers have a cylindrical drum with blades mounted on it. The wood is fed into the machine through a hopper, and the drum with blades chips the wood as it rotates.
  • Advantages: Drum wood chippers are known for their consistent and uniform chipping performance. They are more versatile and can handle a wide range of wood materials, including branches, twigs, and small logs.
  • Applications: Drum wood chippers are widely used in small to medium-sized wood processing facilities, landscaping, and agricultural applications. They are suitable for both commercial and residential use due to their ability to handle various wood sizes and types.

What You Will Get from Our Disc Wood Chipper?

When you choose our disc wood chipper, you can expect to get several benefits and advantages that will enhance your wood chipping experience:

  • High Chipping Efficiency: Our disc wood chipper is designed for optimal performance, ensuring high chipping efficiency and fast processing speed. It can handle large volumes of wood and quickly turn them into valuable wood chips.
  • Versatility: Our disc wood chipper is versatile and can process various types of wood materials, including branches, logs, and twigs. Whether you need to chip hardwood or softwood, our machine can handle the task effectively.
  • Uniform Chip Size: The disc wood chipper produces wood chips with a uniform size, which is essential for many applications, such as biomass fuel production, landscaping, and animal bedding. Consistent chip size ensures better combustion and appearance.
disc wood chipper for sale
  • Low Maintenance: We build our disc wood chippers with high-quality materials and precision engineering, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. This results in less downtime and more productivity for your wood chipping operations.
  • Safety Features: Our disc wood chipper is equipped with safety features to protect the operator during operation. From emergency stop buttons to safety guards, we prioritize the well-being of our users.
  • Excellent Customer Support: When you choose our disc wood chipper, you also gain access to our excellent customer support team. We are dedicated to providing assistance, answering your queries, and ensuring your satisfaction with our products.

Our disc wood chipper offers high efficiency, versatility, safety, durability, and excellent customer support. It is an ideal choice for your wood chipping needs, whether you are in the forestry industry, biomass production, or landscaping business.