Recently, our charcoal briquette press machine has successfully been sold to the Iraqi market, marking a significant milestone in our international endeavors. However, behind this success lie various challenges and opportunities.

The geopolitical complexity and ever-changing market environment of Iraq pose significant challenges, yet it is also a country with a huge demand for charcoal products. Recognizing the immense potential of this market, we are determined to achieve success in this emerging market.

automatic Charcoal briquette press machine
automatic Charcoal briquette press machine

Customer Demands

Our collaboration with a client from Iraq has opened the doors to the Iraqi market for us. This client has been seeking an efficient, stable, and reliable charcoal briquette press machine to meet their growing production needs.

Through detailed communication and understanding, we learned about the client’s strict requirements for machine performance, ease of operation, and after-sales service.

Recommend our charcoal briquette extruder machine

Charcoal Extruder Machine with good price
Charcoal Extruder Machine with good price

To meet the client’s needs, we provided a recommendation to our customer: a medium-capacity charcoal briquette press machine that is easy to operate and of reliable quality.

Additionally, we offered comprehensive pre-sales consultation and after-sales support to ensure that the client can use our equipment smoothly and achieve satisfactory results.

Results and Feedback

charcoal briquettes extruder machine
charcoal briquettes extruder machine

Through our efforts and the trust of the client, we successfully delivered the charcoal briquette press machine to our Iraqi client.

The client highly praised our product quality and service level, expressing great satisfaction. Their production efficiency has significantly improved, allowing them to win more market share and customer trust.

Parameters of exported charcoal briquette press machine

charcoal briquette machine parameters


charcoal extruder machine price
charcoal extruder machine price

We will continue to maintain close cooperation with our Iraqi client, continuously improving product performance and service levels to meet their growing needs.

At the same time, we will continue to explore international markets, bringing more high-quality, high-performance charcoal briquette press machines to customers worldwide and making greater contributions to the development of the charcoal industry.

This customer case is a testament to our successful journey in the Iraqi market, as well as our commitment to moving forward and achieving win-win outcomes with our customers.