This charcoal mixer machine can also be named as charcoal powder mixer. used for efficiently blending charcoal powder and other materials. It ensures uniform mixing, high productivity, and minimal noise during operation, making it an essential tool in charcoal processing. Inquiry us at any time for price and details.

What Is Charcoal Mixer Machine?

The charcoal mixer machine plays an important role in industrial production. It can effectively roll and suppress materials, improve the properties of materials, and increase production efficiency.

It can grinds the material through the rotation and extrusion of the rollers to make it more uniform and dense. And this charcoal powder mixer will compress powdery or granular materials into block products of different shapes and sizes, such as granules, flakes, etc.

The charcoal mixer machine is a versatile and efficient equipment used for various processing purposes. It can be classified into three types based on its processing capabilities: wet grinding charcoal mixer machine, suitable for materials with a water content exceeding 15-16%;

Dry and semi-dry grinding charcoal mixer machine, ideal for materials with a water content below 10-11%; and the crushing and blending charcoal mixer machine, which allows simultaneous crushing and blending of different components.

Working Principle of Charcoal Mixer Machine

The working principle of the charcoal mixer machine is simple and efficient. It consists of a horizontal drum with rotating blades inside. When the machine is turned on, the drum starts rotating, and the blades move the charcoal materials continuously. As the drum rotates, the materials are mixed and blended thoroughly, ensuring a uniform and consistent charcoal mixture.

Technical Date of Charcoal Mixer Machine

Disk diameter (mm)Φ 1000Φ 1200Φ 1500Φ 1800Φ2000Φ 2500Φ 3000
Feeding amount at one time (t)0.03-0.050.05-0.10.2-0.30.5-11-1.21-1.51.2-1.8
Productivity (t/h)0.3t0.6t-0.8t1t-2t2t-5t3t-6t6t-8t8t-10t
Stirring time (times/min)5-105-1010-1510-1510-1510-1510-15
Main motor power (kw)

Benefits of Using Charcoal Powder Mixer

High-quality end products: Its exceptional crushing and mixing performance ensures a thorough and uniform blending of charcoal materials.

Minimal noise: It provides a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

High production efficiency: It will enable rapid processing, saving time and increasing overall productivity.

Safe workplace: The charcoal mixer machine also excels in its sealing performance, effectively preventing dust leakage.

Adaptability to different materials: it can handle a wide range of charcoal compositions, making it versatile and highly practical for various applications.

How to Maintain the Charcoal Powder Mixer?

1. Regularly inspect all lubrication points to ensure proper lubrication.

2. After each shift, clean the mixer bowl thoroughly to remove any sand residues and leftover material.

3. Check the vulnerable parts regularly and promptly adjust or replace any damaged components.

4. Before starting the machine, check for any large and hard foreign objects in the bowl.

5. Avoid introducing hard foreign objects into the mixer bowl while adding materials.

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