As a leading wood chipper machine supplier, we provided an efficient and reliable solution for an innovative biomass energy company in Sri Lanka.

Drum Style Wood Chipper for sale
Drum Style Wood Chipper for sale

Challenges and Needs:

The biomass energy company faced the dual challenges of increasing raw material demand and effective management of woody waste.

They urgently required a reliable wood chips making machine to efficiently transform various wood waste into high-quality wood chips for biomass energy production.


We delivered a professionally customized Drum Wood Chipper machine designed to meet the unique requirements of their biomass energy production.

Renowned for its exceptional processing capacity and efficiency, this machine rapidly and uniformly converts different types of wood into wood chips that meet the standards for biomass energy production.

Drum Style Wood Chipper
Drum Style Wood Chipper

Advantages of the Machine:

  1. High Processing Efficiency:
    • The Drum Wood Chips Making Machine, with its outstanding processing speed and efficiency, met the biomass energy company’s demand for a large volume of raw materials, ensuring the continuous operation of their production line.
  2. Adaptability to Various Wood Types:
    • The machine’s design accommodates the processing of different types and sizes of wood, including branches, plant waste, providing the biomass energy company with a wider range of raw material options.
  3. Reliability and Stability:
    • The wood chipper machine we supplied demonstrated excellent reliability and stability, ensuring that the biomass energy company could produce wood chips in an efficient and dependable manner.
Drum wood chipper
Drum wood chipper

Outcomes and Effects:

After the introduction of the Drum Wood Chipper, the biomass energy company achieved significant results:

  1. Increased Raw Material Utilization:
    • The high processing capacity of the wood chipper machine ensured the thorough utilization of woody waste, improving raw material utilization.
  2. Higher Biomass Energy Output:
    • By transforming various wood materials into high-quality wood chips, the biomass energy company successfully increased their production output of biomass energy.
  3. Compliance with Environmental Standards:
    • The reliability and stability of the wood chipper machine ensured compliance with strict environmental standards during the production process, contributing to the company’s sustainability image.


We take pride in providing an efficient and reliable wood chip processing solution for this biomass energy company in Sri Lanka, and we look forward to continuing our support for their development in the field of sustainable energy.