Our wood log peeling machine has been exported to Brazil. With a wood processing plant, this customers want a wood debarker that can treat wood log from 80mm to 320mm. And you will know that our machine has advantages, including cost saving, suitable for various wood types and sizes. In addition, you will get the reason why this customers choose us.

Why This Customers Want a Wood Log Peeling Machine?

In Brazil has abundant natural resources and a thriving timber industry exist. A owner of wood processing plant from Brazil, our customer, produce high-quality wood for crafting exquisite pieces. Therefor he wanted to seek a wood log peeling machine to meet the demands of their wood processing business. The machine’s efficient bark removal capability is crucial for optimizing timber utilization, reducing waste, and enhancing the quality of finished wood products.

Wood Log Peeling Machine Information in This Delivery

ItemWood Peeling machine  
Capacity:10meter per minute
Suitable wood diameter:80-320mm
Package size:2.26*2*1.3m
log peeler machine shipping details
wood debarker delivery
wood debarker delivery

Wood Debarker Machine Advantages

Improved Efficiency: Speeds up wood processing, saving time and labor.

Enhanced Wood Quality: Produces smooth and uniform logs, ideal for various applications.

Cost Savings: Reduces wood wastage, maximizing resource utilization.

Increased Productivity: Enables higher output, meeting market demands effectively.

Two types available: vertical wood log peeling machine and horizontal debarker for wood.

vertical wood debarking machine
vertical wood debarking machine

Versatility: Accommodates various wood types and sizes, expanding production possibilities.

User-Friendly: Easy operation and maintenance, reducing training and skill requirements.

Precision: Ensures consistent bark removal, promoting optimal wood utilization.

Value Addition: Elevates product quality, catering to discerning customers and markets.

horizontal log peeler
horizontal log peeler

Reliable Service from Shuliy

Step 1: Understanding the Needs
Our customer, hailing from Brazil, approached us with a specific requirement for a wood log peeling machine. With an in-depth understanding of their needs and production goals, our team of experts engaged in detailed discussions to identify the perfect solution.

Step 2: Provide wood log peeling machine details
Drawing from our extensive range of wood log peeler, we presented the customer with details about this machine that contacts professional advise, budget, picture, and technical specifications. This collaborative approach ensured that the chosen machine perfectly met his requirements.

Step 3: Operation guide
To guarantee optimal machine operation, we conducted thorough training sessions for the customer’s team. Our skilled trainers equipped them with the necessary knowledge to guide this operation of the wood log peeling machine.

Step 4: Ongoing Support
Even after the sale, our commitment doesn’t waver. Our post-sale support ensures that the customer receives timely assistance for any operational queries, troubleshooting, or maintenance needs.

Step 5: Customer Satisfaction
The culmination of our efforts was met with the customer’s satisfaction. Our reliable service, combined with the exceptional performance of the wood log peeling machine, resulted in a successful partnership that fulfills their production goals.

At Shuliy, our aim is not just to provide machines but to create lasting partnerships built on trust, reliability, and exceptional service. From inquiry to after-sale support, we ensure that every step of the process reflects our dedication to your success.